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2015 : We are living the fastest-paced evolution in the history of our world, and science is at the heart of it. Asia, the strongest-growing continent, is deliberately fostering technological and societal changes.

At the CNRS@ASEAN representative office in Singapore, we strive to connect Science in Asia and France to tomorrow.

If our job description were to be reduced down to 5 words, these would be “to connect, inform and assist”. We assist our researchers in structuring their collaborations with Asian partners, we inform our headquarters on the ASEAN scientific ecosystem, and we help our existing and potential partners in Asia to connect with their best interlocutors within CNRS and in France.

At CNRS@ASEAN, we perceive, value and embrace the diversity of talents, research fields and policies at play in the 10 nations of ASEAN.
True to our bottom-up approach, CNRS and its partners in ASEAN have already structured 5 international joint units (UMI), 1 joint unit in social sciences and humanities, 5 international associated laboratories (LIA) and 4 international research networks (GDRI). With 12 international collaboration projects (PICS) currently running, we are building the foundations of the next generation of excellent international research initiatives.

Preparing 2020 NOW !

Luc Le Calvez