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Starting a collaboration with CNRS

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With a long history of international collaborations, CNRS has developed a range of international cooperation tools that help structure and support international projects and teams.

International cooperation tools developed by CNRS range from mobility funding to full-fledged laboratories.

CNRS uses a bottom-up approach to cooperation, meaning that international collaboration is initially a matter of personal research interests and affinity, based on relationships or contacts made at international conferences, summer schools and seminars.

International cooperation tools come in when there is a need for a more official structure. Collaborative projects are submitted to the relevant CNRS institute in liaison with the international partners. Click here to know more about the process.

Therefore, if you are interested in collaborating with CNRS, the first step is to directly contact the researchers, teams, or institutes working on the relevant topic. You can find them by following the directions on how to use the CNRS directory.

If you are looking for institutional partners at the international or interregional level (such as EU-ASEAN projects), please contact us or the relevant person in our International Cooperation Department.